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New Motor Installation

Fixing and Installing New Motors

One can think of many justifiable reasons for installing a brand new garage door system – less noise, better operation and above all, the security it brings to your home. They have a fairly simple mechanism and the biggest advantages that they last for a very long time. The ones available in the market these days are guaranteed for more convenience, security and safety. Unlike installing garage doors which can be done on your own, fixing and installation of a new motor a trained and experienced professional who are certified for the job. Garage Door Motor Repair Services guarantees of top quality solutions for all your issues with regard to your garage door motor. With our friendly and well qualified team, we have been addressing and giving guidance for either repairing the motors of installing new ones. Once Motor Repair Services comes into the picture, you can be assured that the work will be well taken care of and you get value for your money no matter what the brand or model may be. Garage Door Motor Repair Services deals with quality brands and models of garage door motors like

  • Genie: It is one among the most popular, trusted and a household name when it comes to motors and openers for garage doors all over the U.S. We, at Garage Door Motor Repair Services are familiar with almost all the models of Genie and their parts.
  • Craftsman: This is another popular brand in this field. They have a wide choice of motor models and door openers and our expert team is able to work with any of the models from Craftsman.
  • LiftMaster: We have been handling models from this brand for years and our expert will prove their expertise while working with any of the models from LiftMaster’s range of door motors or openers and any other product of theirs.
  • Chamberlain: Our team at Garage Door Motor Repair Services is technically qualified and experienced to handle, fix or install any of Chamberlain’s products with utmost confidence.

Over the years our team at Garage Door Motor Repair Services has become experts with repeated handling of all kinds of issues related with adjusting, fixing or installing the various brand of well reputed openers and motors. This, along with the periodical training that Garage Door Motor Repair Services send their technicians make sure that they are updated with all the latest technical developments in the industry.

Advantages of Our Garage Door Motor Repair Services

  • Installation of top quality garage door openers and motors
  • Repairing or installing new sensors as required
  • Adjusting and fixing garage door openers and motors
  • Remote Control Fixing

Just give us a call and Garage Door Motor Repair Services will be at your door to help you out in case you have any problems with your garage door motor or opener – we will give you value for your money and help you save your precious time!